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Planning to engage an artist, DJ, remixer or producer to remix one of your tracks?  If so, you need to understand the nature of the terms on which such person should be engaged (and what should be included in a Remixer Agreement.


Set out below are the questions you should be answering in a remix services agreement to be sure you’re fully addressing the issues relating to engaging the remix to deliver a remix.


If you need assistance putting together a Remixer Services Agreement, get in touch!


Standard Terms of a Remixer Services Agreement


A. Parties to the Contract

  1. What is the name, address and ABN of the party engaging the Remixer?
  2. What is the name of the featured Artist on the track?
  3. What is the name, address and ABN of the Remixer?
  4. Does the Remixer operate through a company?  If so, what is the company’s name?


 B. Remixer Services

  1. What services will be provided by the Remixer?
  2. What is the name of the track/composition to be remixed?
  3. Will the Remixer work entirely separately to the Artist, or under the instruction of the Artist?
  4. Who will be responsible for clearing samples/synchs and obtaining any performer releases?


 C. Delivery

  1. What needs to be delivered to the Remixer (and by who)?
  2. What does the Remixer need to deliver (e.g. any specific known formats, durations, etc required)?
  3. Will stem files be required to be delivered?
  4. How long will the Remixer have to deliver the remixes and related materials?
  5. How many tracks/versions will be produced, if known?’


 D. Credit and Promotion

  1. What credit(s) will the Remixer be afforded?
  2. Any specific conditions on the credit?
  3. Will there be any limits on the right to use and publish the Remixer’s name, biographical material, image, etc?
  4. Who will release and promote the remix (and under who’s name)?


E. Payment to Remixer and Costs

  1. What will the Remixer be paid, and how will this be calculated and will it be treated as an advance?
  2. Will the Remixer be entitled to any royalties or income from the remix (e.g. net profit or ‘points’)?
  3. When will payment of the Remixer take place?
  4. Who will pay any costs relating to the production of the remix?


F. Copyright

  1. Who will own the remix?
  2. Will the Remixer own any part of the newly created composition (and what will it be called)?


F. Approvals and Restrictions

  1. Will the Artist and/or Remixer have any rights pf approval?g. synch licences, timing of release, sample usage, etc.
  2. What rights will the Artist and Remixer have to adapt, edit, mix, re-mix, delete, etc the remix?
  3. Will there be any restrictions on use of the remix or the original track?


Need us to put together a Remixer Services Agreement? Get in touch!