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Checklists for film, television, music and other creative industry contracts needed by producers, directors, musicians, artists and other individuals or companies working in the creative industries
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To reach an agreement in the music industry, you first need to understand standard terms that should be included in music industry agreement in Australia.

Performing Artists, Song Writers, Music Managers, Composers, Touring Artists, Music Producers, Session Musicians, Remixers, Sound Engineers, Booking Agents and other talent in the music industry enter into deals all the time without properly establishing the basics of the arrangement.

These Music Agreement Checklists will help you understand terms that should be included in your music industry contracts!


The Film & Television Industries in Australia are riddled with myths and misleading information in relation to ‘standard agreements’.

Our Film & TV Agreement Checklists are designed to assist Film & TV producers, directors, writers, actors, crew, contractors, freelancers and other talent in the Film & TV Industries. These will help you understand and navigate the terms you should include in the agreements/contracts you enter into, depending on your position within the Film & TV Industries.

Read our Film & TV Agreement Checklist to understand some of the terms that should be included in your Film & TV Industry Contracts!


Entertainment and Creative Industry businesses need to take care of their corporate and commercial contracts, including Shareholder Relationships, Partnership Agreements and Employment Arrangements. 

Our Corporate & Commercial Agreement Checklists breakdown many of the terms which need to be included in the ‘boring’ part of your entertainment and creative businesses!

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